Flex Tickets

How Flex Tickets Work

 *IT IS YOUR CHOICE: Purchase your FIVE FLEX CREDITS for any show through our 2020/2021 season's shows and save $20 or TEN FLEX CREDITS and save $50.

Flex tickets can be used for any show and your choice of meal through the 2020/2021 season. There is no limit on the amount of your Flex Tickets you can use for each performance.

As the tickets for each show you are interested in becomes available you need to pick the date you want to attend and “buy” a ticket. When you checkout, rather than entering a credit card number, you will “Redeem Flex Package Credits” by entering the email address you used when you purchased the tickets, and the transaction number from the invoice you received from TicketstotheCity.com. An email will then be sent to you that will include a bar-coded e-ticket. Have that e-ticket available at the box office when you arrive for the show. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED 

Q & A

Q: What if I want to see only three shows

A: With the Flex Tickets, you can see only three shows and use the remaining tickets to bring a guest, give them away as gifts, or see one of the three shows twice!

Q: What is the benefit of purchasing a Flex Ticket Package

A: When you purchase the package, you save on the total price and your price will not change if prices increase in the future

Q: Can I see any show at Mankato Playhouse?

A: You can make your reservations for all Dinner Theater performances. Added events will not be included in your Flex Pass Package unless communicated on the events page. 

Q: Is dinner included in the Flex Package

A: Yes, all Flex Tickets include the Dinner of your choice and the show

Q: Can I use my Flex Ticket for a sold out performance?

A: No, in order to use your ticket, you must make your reservations before dinner sales close (24 hours before each performance) and tickets must be available to reserve.