Broadway Teens

Broadway Teens are for kids in grades 6 - 12 (at the time of auditions), who are passionate in the performing arts and are interested in getting additional training, knowledge and experience in musical theater. Broadway Teen Workshops are taught by seasoned directors, choreographers, and musicians and include auditioning, rehearsing, and performing a Broadway musical complete with costumes, sets, lights, and sound. Entry in the Broadway Teen Workshop requires an audition. 

Registration Fee:

Workshop Fee: $165.00 for the seven-week session and is due at the first rehearsal. 

Age requirements:

Actors grades 6 through 12 (at the time of auditions) may audition. No experience is required, but roles are selected by audition.


Auditions usually occur 8 weeks before a show is to open, and are on two consecutive days starting at 5:00. Actors should arrive at the beginning of the audition and expect to remain for the entire audition (up to 2 hours). Actors only need to attend one day of auditions. Auditions require singing, acting and dancing. 

  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to audition time to have sufficient time to complete all paperwork required for auditions.
  • Please bring sheet music for a song you have already learned. Piano player will be provided at auditions to accompany you.
    • Do not use a song from the show.
    • Do not sing to taped music or sing a cappella.
  • You do not have to sing an entire song. We only want to get an idea of how well you can carry a tune and follow accompaniment. 16 to 32 measures of a song should be sufficient. 
  • If you are "called back" for a principal role on callback night, we will ask you to sing selections from the show.
  • Bring comfortable shoes in case you are asked to dance. We do not expect you to be an expert dancer unless, you are trying out for a dancing role.
  • Please be prepared to list any and all conflicts you have for rehearsals. All rehearsal conflicts must be disclosed at the time of auditions. Conflicts are NOT allowed during Tech Week or for any of the performances.


Some actors auditioning will be asked to return for a "callback," that is, a second look. The called back actors may be asked to sing a song from the show and to do more extensive readings than in the "regular" audition phase. Callbacks are on the third night starting at 5:00.

Cast List:

Please remember that an actor may still be cast even if not called back, and an actor may be called back but still not cast depending on what was marked on the audition form. The director may choose to call the actors and offer roles, however, the cast list will be posted on the website by end of day on the Friday following auditions, unless there is a need for additional auditions. 

Accepting Ensemble? 

 When you fill out an audition form for any show you will come across the question, "Will you accept ensemble? Yes or No". Please do not say "yes" unless you truly intend to accept an ensemble role in the production. Please remember that you have a far better chance of getting cast if you are willing to accept any role or ensemble part offered to you as opposed to only wanting particular roles. The fewer roles you indicate you will accept, the fewer options the director has for casting you.  

Parent Requirement

Audition forms require parental signature before an actor can be cast in a show. Broadway Teen Workshops involve parental participation in a variety of forms, including volunteering, providing costumes as per costumer instructions, and making sure that their child is at all rehearsals on time and prepared.

Time commitment:

Participating in a production is a big time commitment. Be sure you are prepared to commit to all rehearsals and mandatory dates before you audition.Theater is a cooperative effort and every part of the team is essential



Where are rehearsals and performances?

Mankato Playhouse

12 Civic Center Plaza STE 10

Mankato, MN 56001

How is discipline handled?

Discipline is not usually an issue but please talk to your student about the need to sit quietly when they are not on stage. During the final week of rehearsal and tech week, there may be significant "down time" when cast members can do homework or read, but they must be ready to rehearse when needed. If there is a discipline issue we will handle it as follows.

  1. Talk to the cast member and inform the parent of the issue involving the child.
  2. If the problem continues, the parent will be called and will be required to      attend rehearsals with the child.
  3. If the problem continues, the child will be removed from the cast.

Are cast photos taken?

Professional cast photos are generally taken during tech week. These pictures are available for purchase in packages, and order forms will be given out the week before. This is an optional purchase.

How are schedule conflicts handled?

Conflicts are accepted until the last two weeks of rehearsal and there will be no conflicts accepted for performances. Keep in mind that missing rehearsals affects the cast and should be kept to a minimum. Although conflicts will not keep you from being cast, they are looked at when a director casts a show and could affect being cast in a leading role. 

How are Broadway Teen Workshops supported?

The Broadway Teen Committee is a group of individuals committed to various volunteer jobs needed to successfully present a Broadway Teen show. Responsibilities include selecting the season shows, addressing any issues that may arise involving a production, helping during auditions, advertising, creating the bio board display, coordinating ushers, fundraising, and much more. A lot of background work goes into making each production successful! If you have any questions or would be interested in joining the committee, please contact us and we will get you in contact with the appropriate person. 

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